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Posted on 30th Jun 2011, 1:50 AM in Chapter One
Page 4
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MassDet 30th Jun 2011, 1:50 AM edit delete
I have a long weekend off coming up. Looking forward to some good times. Since I will be away having fun I thought I would go ahead and post the next page. Hope you guys like. The comments have been awesome so far. Thanks for the encouragement.


Gillsing 2nd Dec 2011, 12:29 AM edit delete reply
In the last panel, should "believe over use" be "believe our use"? And "patters" should be "patterns"? And are Ghalken crystals made of dead dragons who roamed the lands millions of years ago? ;-)
MassDet 2nd Dec 2011, 1:01 PM edit delete reply
Actually I think it should have been "overuse" I will get that fixed. Ive been meaning to go back to these first pages and fix the text.
And no one is exactly sure what caused the formation of Ghalken crystals, but one thing is sure...dragons are not extinct.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving the helpful pointers. Ill get the corrections made ASAP.
CyberSkull 29th May 2012, 7:32 AM edit delete reply
Oh the little glowy people are so cute! ♥