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Posted on 24th Jun 2012, 12:59 AM in Chapter Two
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MassDet 24th Jun 2012, 12:59 AM edit delete
I have to admit I was very excited to get this page posted this week. No more libraries and dinner plans (for a while at least). I am almost done with all the artwork for chapter two and starting on chapter three. I’d like to say thank you for all the great comments, and please keep them coming.


cattservant 24th Jun 2012, 2:52 AM edit delete reply
Hope The Dead Roach serves late!
MassDet 25th Jun 2012, 11:15 AM edit delete reply
It does. Its like a Denny's heh.
cattservant 24th Jun 2012, 2:55 AM edit delete reply
Red looks chlorophyll green...
zenla 24th Jun 2012, 10:15 AM edit delete reply
Ah the most important thing is saying something witty in this kind of situation. I am wondering but how our construct obtains its energy except by walking. I had once a watch that would be working if you shake it once a while but that was small thing and energy did not have to be effective.
MassDet 25th Jun 2012, 11:05 AM edit delete reply
yeah those watches kinda gave me the idea for how Syn builds energy. Any kind of movement will build up energy for her. I guess she is kinda like a shark, if she stays moving she is good to go haha.
Kermit 24th Jun 2012, 3:19 PM edit delete reply
Interesting point of character development (or possibly world development): why would the assassin pause to apologize to a victim before killing them? Is she worried about their spirits haunting her, or is there something she gets from saying it while they're alive instead of, say, killing them all off and then apologizing when operational security no longer demands swift action?
MassDet 25th Jun 2012, 11:13 AM edit delete reply
ummm...I'm can't really comment on this Kermit without giving anything away, you will just have to wait and find out.
CyberSkull 24th Jun 2012, 3:45 PM edit delete reply
I love the concept for this comic! I hope you post more soon! :D
MassDet 25th Jun 2012, 11:06 AM edit delete reply
I'm glad you like it! Thanks for stopping by again:)
zenla 24th Jun 2012, 10:37 PM edit delete reply
Well it is natural who wants to die as just another nameless assasin that will soon be replaced and forgotten. At least she had speech that will make them remember her for a while. Yes I remember her circumstances.
MassDet 25th Jun 2012, 11:03 AM edit delete reply
Oh she won't be forgotten for awhile. Trust me;)
Zenla 25th Jun 2012, 9:15 PM edit delete reply
Just a side interest. But don t you just want to cash on another beatiful-female-badass looking assasin? That wave of of assasins of exactly that quality(not MCDONALD Q) became very popular in the last decade perhaps two not sure. I am talking of course about movies and comics of course. Not like I know the situation in RL.
MassDet 26th Jun 2012, 8:44 AM edit delete reply
I would think with the state of the economy the number of bad ass female assassins in real life has grown.

Actually all of the main characters started off as just sketches that I did, the actual personality of the characters came much later. I first intended for her character to be the rogue-detecting traps and picking locks- type character for the group. Somehow she evolved into the bad ass female assassin though.
Here is the first sketch I did of her.

zenla 26th Jun 2012, 2:08 PM edit delete reply
We don t complain about that
MassDet 27th Jun 2012, 11:24 PM edit delete reply
haha Thanks.
Grey Garou 28th Jun 2012, 6:38 PM edit delete reply
Grey Garou
Is Syn actually alive? Well, does she qualify for the four F's? Feeding, fighting, filling out, and fucking (reproducing).