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Posted on 15th Apr 2012, 12:32 AM in Chapter Two
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MassDet 15th Apr 2012, 12:32 AM edit delete
I was amazed at the amount of comments I had on the last page. Thank you guys so much for taking an interest in Rogue Programming. It means a lot to me. I have gone back an taken a look at the dialogue in the next few pages and hopefully it will clear up any issues and confusion with the main character in the book. Also on the next page you actually learn her name. Come to think of it I probably shouldn’t have waited so long to reveal that, but I am still learning how to do all of this.

Thanks for stopping by, as always please leave comments, and if you have a moment go ahead and click the link and vote for Rogue Programming. The vote incentive is pretty cool if I do say so myself.


Low 15th Apr 2012, 1:01 AM edit delete reply
Ahhh input!

I love the art and coloring. So far this is a pretty crazy world. The cross scifi aspect is pretty interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing more.
MassDet 22nd Apr 2012, 3:37 AM edit delete reply
Thanks for stopping by Low, I hope to really explore the sci fi/fantasy aspect more in later issues.
zenla 15th Apr 2012, 7:29 AM edit delete reply
Let see
outrageous claims of cost
Outrageous response for that
And finally outrageous stating simple fact.
Yep it was expected but still enjoyed.
Now then shall we see NINJA disappearing?!
Ps: I know there is some cooler word for that but I forgot to write that one.
PsS: Good to see you back with new page
MassDet 22nd Apr 2012, 3:38 AM edit delete reply
As always thanks for stopping by Zenla :)
JMRonk 15th Apr 2012, 8:54 AM edit delete reply
Love the detail and the coloring! Very well done! Rated-5
MassDet 22nd Apr 2012, 3:38 AM edit delete reply
Thanks for the kind words and the rating JMRonk! Both are always welcome and appreciated.
Doc Savage 16th Apr 2012, 11:59 PM edit delete reply
Caught up and love it so far. :)
MassDet 22nd Apr 2012, 3:39 AM edit delete reply
Thanks for reading Doc Savage, hope you stick around for more.
Gillsing 17th Apr 2012, 10:41 PM edit delete reply
That's a tricky salesman! I really don't see why he should be compensated with 5 extra silver unless he's keeping the book. And if he's keeping it, why should they pay for buying it? Yup, he's clearly trying to fast talk them.
MassDet 22nd Apr 2012, 3:40 AM edit delete reply
Not all salesmen are on the up and up I guess. He is defiantly trying to get every coin he can from them...which ends up being one haha.
zenla 22nd Apr 2012, 7:46 PM edit delete reply
I see outregous lack of new page
I wanted to say outrageous lack of replies for comments but you broke that weapon in such outrageous fashion. It s seriously outregeous that I even have to write about that. But I guess bad fan is better than none. A bit Outregeous statement don t you think?
MassDet 28th Apr 2012, 7:04 PM edit delete reply
MuggleMike 27th Apr 2012, 4:42 AM edit delete reply
I just read the whole thing. I like it a lot and am curious to see where it's going.

P.S. I absolutely loved the prologue and am excited to see how that comes into play.
MassDet 28th Apr 2012, 7:05 PM edit delete reply
Thanks MuggleMike. I hope I can keep your interest.
CyberSkull 29th May 2012, 7:48 AM edit delete reply
Now she can demand his clothes! ;p
Caley Tibbittz Collopy 10th Aug 2012, 8:16 PM edit delete reply
Caley Tibbittz Collopy
Love her expression at the end there.